Scott Salancy, DMD is pleased to announce the recent addition of Kurt Washnock, DMD to the Latrobe Dental Arts practice, joining James K. Ramsay, DMD, MAGD.

Washnock_Kurt_COMPOSITEKurt Washnock, DMD

Washnock, a graduate of Mt. Pleasant High School, earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh in 2013, and his DMD from their School of Dental Medicine in 2017. An avid sportsman (golf, hunt, weight lift, and ice hockey) he brings a fresh enthusiasm to the practice.


Support Staff
Latrobe Dental Arts is noted for its exceptional care, advanced technology and sparkling cleanliness. In addition to general care of teeth other areas addressed include: bruxism, teeth grinding, anti-snoring and sleep apnea; Myofacial pain including TMJ appliances and therapy. Plus cosmetic and restorative procedures such as: whitening systems, veneers to improve appearance and protect damaged teeth, ceramic, porcelain and gold crowns and bridges, and Invisalign invisible braces to align crooked teeth.

In the near future, office space will nearly double as adjacent rooms have been acquired.



Dr. Salancy just got back from Ethiopia! He ventured to the country with the CMF International to treat children that have never visited a dentist. The trip was a great experience! Ask Dr.Salancy all about it next time you’re in the office.


Dr. Salancy goes on a two-week tour with the Military to help new Soldiers get dentally ready for their deployments world-wide at Fort Benning, Georgia. All Soldiers are required to be able to go a year or more with no dental problems due to the limitation of access to dental care. Dr. Salancy is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve and one of his missions is to help with the first term dental readiness of new Soldiers.


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