Scott Baker Salancy, DMD

Dr. Salancy graduated Cum Laude and received his undergraduate Bachelors Degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1985. Dr. Salancy went on to receive a Doctorate of Medical Dentistry from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in1988. Dr. Salancy held a Pediatric Externship at Children’s Hospital University of Pennsylvania and was an Assistant Clinical Professor while still a student. As a Post Graduate, Dr. Salancy held residency at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, which required medical rotations in areas including Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

He has been working with private practices since 1989 and was a Dentist for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections from 2002 until 2008 where he provided dental and oral medical care of incarcerated individuals housed at SCI-Somerset and other state correctional facilities. Dr. Salancy is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve as a General Dental Officer. Recently, Dr. Salancy was deployed to FOB Rustamiyah, Iraq with responsibility for over 6000 soldiers serving as the Brigade Dental Surgeon.

His hobbies include vehicle restoration, home restoration, and golf.

Support Staff
Latrobe Dental Arts is noted for its exceptional care, advanced technology and sparkling cleanliness. In addition to general care of teeth other areas addressed include: bruxism, teeth grinding, anti-snoring and sleep apnea; Myofacial pain including TMJ appliances and therapy. Plus cosmetic and restorative procedures such as: whitening systems, veneers to improve appearance and protect damaged teeth, ceramic, porcelain and gold crowns and bridges, and Invisalign invisible braces to align crooked teeth.

Office space has nearly doubled as adjacent rooms have been acquired.

We are proud of our long-term, caring team, who are all members of the Latrobe community. Our highly trained support staff is always attentive to the patient, making their dental experience enjoyable. They all participate in on-going continuing education to make each patient’s dental experience the best it can be. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to our mission.


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